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Director Watson,

The Dept. of Ecology’s draft report on NWIW’s proposed methanol facility in Kalama answers all of the questions it was directed to address in a thorough and comprehensive manner. It should be finalized without further change or delay and the permits for this project should be approved.

With this project, we can create jobs in America, where we pay real family-wage salaries and benefits and build things to extremely high and exacting environmental and safety standards by the most skilled workforce in the world.

There’s never been a greater need in my lifetime for jobs, especially in rural areas like Cowlitz County, where the economic impact of this project would also provide $30-40 million in tax revenue to local and state governments.

Finally, the science definitively shows that this project benefits the global environment. And the comprehensive mitigation plan ensures NWIW will do the right thing on a statewide basis, making Washington a leader in how to build a sustainable economy.

I urge you to move quickly to finalize this report and approve the permits needed for construction.

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